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Curious about your family tree and the fabric of your heritage?

Or maybe who owned your home before you, and what is the history of your house?

Have you ever wanted to join a lineage society such as the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) or the Colonial Dames, but didn’t know if your “tree” would qualify?

These are a few of the RESEARCH SERVICES Adams Genealogical Services could provide for you.

Our researchers are experienced professionals, anxious to help assist you in your quest. We specialize in researching in Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio, however will follow your family trail wherever it may lead!

We will work with you to define your research needs, and define a scope of the project. We will conduct the research, keeping in touch with you along the way.

Each report will be unique to your personal request, and will be provided in a hard copy, as well as electronically, with copies of all pertinent records and documentation.